Be part of the team and join us as a vendor at this year’s Clermont Cardboard Classic boat race! Vendors will have access to the vendor area for the duration of the racing events on Saturday, August 8, 2020.

2019 Vendors:

Color Street Dry Nail Polish Rotary Notary Mobile Service – Mary Ellen Millour
Scentsy Vinny & Kori
Rules Dogs Food Truck Face Painter
Watson Realty Knockerball by Fabulous 4 Entertainment
Tasty Dogs doTerra
Sweet Southern Squeezed LemonadeSimply the Simontons
The Pretzel SpotTupperware – Shirley Hayes

More vendors are added daily!

The Details

  • Set Up: 9:00am
  • Tear Down: 3:00pm
  • Vendor Rules & Regulations are at the bottom of this page (keep reading!)

Vendor Rules and Regulation

Space and Tents

Vendors are provided a specific 10′ x 15′ space for set up, display, storage, and sale. All equipment must fit into the vendor’s assigned space; no trailer hitches, containers, etc. may protrude past the sides of the space.

Vendors must bring their own 10′ x 10′ tent and 20lb weights for each leg of the tent to weight it down. The event organizer also recommends vendors bring tables, table coverings, and chairs for the most beneficial presentation and comfort of the vendors throughout the event.

Set up time will be 9:00AM. Tear down time will be 3:00PM. There will be no truck parking adjacent to your booth. We recommend you bring a hand truck to assist you restocking your booth. All booths/carts must be staffed and operational during all open hours of the event; there is no early breakdown time.

No Exclusivity

This event is not exclusive to one type of business.  Only one vendor per space is permitted (no exceptions). Sponsors reserve the right to give away items and merchandise that may be like items exhibitors are selling. 


Any vendor with an open flame, typically used to heat food, needs to have a small (10oz) kitchen fire extinguisher on hand. Obtaining the proper licenses or permits, and obeying all codes is the sole responsibility of the vendor, including any regulations of the Florida Dept. of Agriculture or other regulatory agencies. Vendors preparing food onsite must have a food service license issued by the Division of Hotels & Restaurants. Please contact the Division of Hotels and Restaurants for any further questions or application (407) 761-6850.

Food vendors/trucks must also have an inspection sticker from the City of Clermont, obtainable from the City of Clermont Fire Department if you are cooking on site. In addition to this, food vendors must also have a valid 1 million dollar (1,000,000) general liability policy naming the City of Clermont as additional insured. Click HERE to review the City of Clermont’s Fire Safety Manual.

Sales Tax, The Collection of sales tax and payment to the Florida Department of Revenue will be the sole responsibility of each individual vendor. 

Electric & Gas 

Only Food Vendors will be provided electricity for this event due to limited space. Please bring as quiet a generator as possible. Your application must state if you are planning to use a generator or natural gas. Please refer to “Fire & Health Ordinances” Memo for Fire Department Requirements. Extension cords must be approved for outdoor use. If you are planning to use an extension cord that will cross any walkways or sidewalks it will need to be covered by a rug in order to prevent anyone from tripping (tape is not acceptable).


Clermont Police Department will be on site, however each exhibitor is responsible for his/her goods and materials.  Exhibitor shall be responsible for the public safety, health and welfare of its patrons, agents, vendors, subcontractors, concessionaires and employees. The event reserves the unilateral right to cause the interruption of the Event in the interest of Public Safety and to likewise cause the termination of such Event when, in the sole and arbitrary judgment of any county, state or federal agency or its agents, including but not limited to the City of Clermont, Lake County Rowing Association, Health Department or Fire Department, such action is necessary in the interest of public safety, health and welfare. Each Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for all goods, materials, exhibits, displays, articles and other tangible personal property in or on the Event site before, during or after the Event and the Event assumes no responsibility for said items.


Please provide your own heavy-duty trash bags. You are to place the bagged trash or broken down boxes behind your booth and the event staff will pick it up throughout the day. All vendors’ space must be kept neat and orderly at all times. 


No refunds will be made for weather or unforeseen circumstances (however, credit for the next Lake County Rowing Association event will be given in the event of cancellation of the event for weather). Exhibitor recognizes and acknowledges that this is an outdoor Event and assumes all risk of weather associated with Event and will make no Claim against Lake County Rowing Association for damage caused by weather at the Clermont Cardboard Classic.

Attacks on the Ship

Should it become necessary to evacuate the Event area because of an act of God, natural disaster, a bomb threat or for other reasons of public safety, Exhibitor will make no claim against the City of Clermont or Lake County Rowing Association.

Exhibitor hereby waives any and all claims for compensation for any and all loss or damage sustained by reason of any defect, deficiency or impairment of the electrical, computer systems, plumbing and air conditioning installations or any part thereof furnished for the exhibit space granted, or by reason of any loss or impairment of light or current or water which may occur from any cause, or for any loss or damage sustained resulting from fire, black-out, brown-out, water, wind, civil commotion, riot, labor strikes, or act of God and the exhibitor, their agents, offers, and other authorized representatives, hereby waive all rights and claims, action and cause of action and damages arising from any of the causes aforesaid.

Exhibitor is responsible for any damage caused to the event area to pay all costs, as determined in the sole judgement of the event organizer, of repair or replacement for any and all damage of whatever origin or nature which have occurred during the term of Event in the space occupied by the Exhibitor in order for any and all damages of whatever origin or nature which may have occurred during the term of Event in the space occupied by the Exhibit in order to restore the damaged property, personality and equipment to a condition equal to that at the time Exhibitor occupied their exhibit space.

Safety of all Guests and Exhibitor is of utmost concern, Any and all unsafe conditions or activities will be brought to the attention of the responsible parties and corrective measures are to be made immediately.

Use or possession of illegal or controlled substances of any kind is prohibited. Violators may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. No handguns, concealed or otherwise, or other weapons that could cause bodily harm are permitted in the event area.