If you build it . . . it just might float


Step 1: Build a Boat

Build your boat in advance or on site. Make it strong. Make it BIG. Make it fun!

Most importantly . . . make it out of cardboard. You can use a little paint. And duck tape . . . lots of duck tape. This keeps it waterproof and classy!


Step 2: Cross your fingers

Once you build your boat, the true test comes on race day. Put your boat in the water and see if it sinks or floats! If it floats (you’re one of the lucky ones!), row it as fast as you can and find out which team can row the fastest . . . and with the most style!


Step 3: Celebrate

Whether your boat floats or sinks, wins or comes in dead last . . . have fun and hang out with us to celebrate your achievement (you made it to Sunday, right?).


Register your team

Teams can be single racers or four or more

Elementary Division

For kids ages 10 and under. Mom or dad are welcome to help get the boat off the shore (no pushing!) and to help our crew make sure they get back to shore safely.


Middle School Division

For kids ages 11-13. They’re tweens – they wouldn’t let you help even if you wanted to. We’ll make sure they make it back safely (if they even make it off the shore!).

Dolphin & Pods

High School, Young Adult, & Families

For young people ages 14-20 and families. Grab the kids and take a spin around the dock instead of the block! These boats usually ROCK . . . future engineers of America beware!


Adults (21+)

For adults who think they’re still kids. Or engineers. Or boat captains. The Whale Division is the only division that allows 4+ rowers in a boat . . . it’s a WHALE of a good time!


Years of the Event


Projected Attendance


Family Fun


Awards per Division


Registration Fees

Prices are per-boat
Youth Divisions


($25 for family boats)

Standard Registration Details

All participants must be able to SWIM.
Registration is per-person unless otherwise noted.
Register early and save MONEY!
Costumes are encouraged.
Awards reflect engineering and creativity.
Above all – be sure to have FUN!

Registration ends Friday, August 7, 2020

Whale Division


($80 for Moby Dick boats of 4+)


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